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I-Detect's Treasure Hunter

See our new (12/9/09) Flash detecting game- Treasure Trekker

Want to give metal detecting a try or you need some entertainment on a day where the weather is too bad to go detecting. Download Treasure Hunter our simulation game and give it a try.

We plan on adding more places to detect (grounds), more detector features, other detectors (Minelab's Explorer SE) and other options in the future.

This initial version allows you to detect with a White's DFX detector in the default coin mode on one ground area. Items that may be found and dug include good (coins, relics) items and bad (pulltabs, foil and other trash) items.

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How To Install (You'll need to download and install at least 2 files to play the game):
Download this file:

And at least one of these ground files (Where you'll be detecting):
CMH Software's Backyard Novice Setup.exe
The novice file is the recommended ground file to start with, pinpointing is easier than in the Expert file. Both files use the same ground pictures and items. The items are placed in different areas in each file. So after you try the novice file try the expert file for more of a challenge.
CMH Software's Backyard Expert Setup.exe
Install the Setup.exe first, then install the ground file or files. Both can be installed. You can select which ground file you want to detect in when you start the program.

How To Play:
After the installation select the player and the detecting (ground) area. Then select one of the grid sections in the "Work Area" to detect in. There is only one detecting mode (coins) and this is automatically selected for you. Then select the detector icon from the toolbar. Move the coil around on the ground until an object is located. Then select the digging tool and dig for the object. It's not real easy pinpointing but after you practice a bit you'll get the hang of it. White's DFX has a pinpointing mode that makes pinpointing objects easier than in this simulation. In this simulation it is kind of like pinpointing with out using the pinpoint mode of a real DFX metal detector, not real easy at first but with practice it gets easier. The coil is sensitive to a metal object it's full diameter. If it's a larger buried oject you will hear a metallic click when you hit it, move the digging tool to a slightly different area and dig again, some large objects may require 3 different holes. Iron objects will cause the normal background tone to quit while going over the object.

There are 33 items (17 good items, 14 junk items and 2 relic items) buried in each ground file.
Can you find them all?

Pinpointing Tips:
This picture shows the coil and the outline of a buried coin. Since the coil is sensitive it's full diameter it may be easier to pinpoint by using the front edge of the coil. Use the front of the coil to locate where the sound first changes, then dig just in front of the coil to recover the item.

System requirements:
You will need a computer with at least a 500 MHZ processor, a display resolution of at least 800 by 600, and speakers.
Requires a Windows operating system of Win98 and newer (XP recommended).
Note: Does not work with Vista or Windows 7 computers
Also requires DirectX 8.1 or later. If you have XP DirectX 8.1 is already installed on your system. If you have Win98, ME or 2000 you may have to download the 8.1 version of DirectX from Microsoft's site.

Feedback from You:
Let us know what you think of Treasure Hunter - Too easy or too hard. Features you'd like to see added and any other comments you may have please send to:

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